Bar Clamps

The mounting of high power semiconductors requires a clamp that is capable of exerting a minimum force, given by the semiconductor manufacturer. The force applied by the clamp minimizes both electrical and thermal resistance by insuring the semiconductor is in perfect contact with heat sink and bus bars.

Cooling Source offers complete line of standard clamp systems to solve your thermal solution for high power compression pack semiconductors.

The mounting clamp assemblies are the most efficient for mounting, compressing, and clamping thyristors, rectifiers, and high power  semiconductors devices for different industries, including Transportation Systems, Power Supply, Industrial Controls, and Conversion Systems. The compression clamps used for double-sided cooling applications. They consist of a crossbar and a stack of preloaded disc spring, which guarantees the perpendicularity of the clamping force. Our applications engineering will assist with choosing the correct clamp for your application based on the size and thickness of the disc semiconductor, necessary clamping force and total heat sink thickness.


The compression clamp consists of four components (see Figure1):

1-Spring bar
2-Load spreader bar
3-Bolts with Nuts and Washers
4-Insulation system.

The spring bar made from high strength, cold drawn steel bar stock. The Belleville washer mounted in the center of the bar.

The load-spreading bar made from the same high strength steel as the spring bar. The load spreading bar used to reinforce, and provide strength on the side opposite the spring bar assembly. The bolts used in the clamp are zinc plated high carbon steel Grade 5. These bolts are resistant to both stretch and corrosion.

Cooling Source Compression Clamp Systems come in standard forces of 800 pounds (362.9 Kg) 1,000 pounds (453.6 Kg), 2,000 pounds (907.2 Kg), 3,000 pounds (1,360.8 Kg). For specific application, special clamps can be designed to meet customer requirement.

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