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Die CastingDie Casting, Die cast heat sinks are perfect if you need a custom designed aluminum heat sink. They are manufactured by forcing liquid aluminum under high pressure into re-usable steel molds. This is often an ideal solution when you require a more complex design in high volume and with lower thermal conductivity.

  • Casting offers greater design freedom to engineers
  • Fins can be round, elliptical, straight (plate) or any combination
  • Complex features such as contours, cutouts and through holes can be cast in, eliminating expensive secondary machining
  • Heat pipe channels can be cast in
  • Maximum aspect ratio is about 10:1 for die casting and 35:1 for investment casting
  • Cooling Source uses only A356 for both die casting and investment casting
  • The thermal conductivity is 180 W/MK, about the same as 6061 alloy
  • Die casting is often the least expensive method for manufacturing large volumes of heatsinks, especially when eliminating secondary machining
  • Cooling Source is able to prototype both die cast and investment cast processes without special tooling, using in-house rapid prototyping equipment


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