Whether you need a pre-manufactured heatsink with its own specific offerings, or whether you need a fully customized heatsink manufactured from a material and finish of your choice, Cooling Source, Inc. will work with you to determine and deliver your needs.

Our thermal analysis will help you optimize your heatsink, saving you time, effort and money.


Band Clips

Cooling Source design metal custom mounting clips per your specification.

  • Strong mechanical attachment
  • Ease of re-work
  • Normal force up to 30 lfb/clip
  • rohs
BGA Heatsinks

BGA Heatsinks

Cooling Source offers a wide range of BGAs and board level heatsinks. Non-standard parts can be delivered quickly and at a competitive

Board Level Heatsinks

In addition to all of the heat sink varieties listed above, we also carry a wide range of BGA and T0-220 heat

Bonded / Swaged Heatsinks

Our bonded / swaged heatsinks are manufactured from either aluminum or copper metal sheets, or by using an extrusion process. Using either


Cooling Source design metal custom mounting clips per your specification for your heatsinks.

  • Strong mechanical attachment
  • Ease of re-work
  • rohs

Captive screws/ Springs

Cooling Source manufacture screws /springs and offer off the shelf hardware for your PCB mount application and per your specification.

  • Ease of attachment to the PCB.
  • Precise and controllable pressure between the heatsink and component.
  • Optimize the performance of the TIM
  • Available in various length and sizes to achieve desired pressure
  • Screw and spring held captive to the heatsink
  • Normal force up to 15 lfb
  • rohs

Cold Forged Heatsinks

Is the most effective method to form complex shapes and offers unique thermal advantages. Forging is a cold process. The part is

CPU Cooler

We manufacture both standard or customized CPU cooler products that work with most AMD and Intel sockets. Our knowledgeable experts will help you

Die Casting

Die cast heat sinks are perfect if you need a custom designed aluminum heat sink. They are manufactured by forcing liquid aluminum under high

Extruded Aluminum Heatsinks

Our extruded aluminum heatsinks might be the perfect solution for your needs. Extruded aluminum heatsinks are the most popular type of heatsink

Fans & Blowers

Cooling Source offers custom design and standard DC brushless fans and blowers commonly available in 5V and 12V that are often  used on fansink which can be

Folded Fin Heatsinks

Folded fin heatsinks are manufactured by bending aluminum or copper sheets into a variety of fin shapes which are then bonded to

Heatpipe Assembly

Our heat pipes are usually sintered or powdered copper, and can be manufactured under any type of orientation including horizontal, gravity aided


Product Descriptions:

  • rohs

Interface Material

Cooling Source works with a variety of suppliers, including Chomerics, Laird, Bergquist, Fujipoly and can apply the TIM of your choice at our plant to save you time to market. Typical interface material includes:

  • Thermal grease
  • Tapes
  • Gap Fillers
  • Phase Change
  • Graphite
  • Epoxy
  • rohs


Cooling Source can make a apply a custom label on your part for ease of identification.

  • rohs

Liquid Cold plate Heatsinks

Liquid cooling is a natural evolution beyond air cooling where either due to thermal requirements or footprint requirements, the desired performance can

Mechanically Attached Heatsinks

Spring loaded push pins are available in nylon 66 or brass.

  • Ease of attachment to the PCB.
  • Precise and controllable pressure between the heatsink and component.
  • Optimize the performance of the TIM
  • Available in various height to achieve desired pressure
  • Plastic push pin normal force up to 3 lfb per pin
  • Brass push pin hold in place heavier heatsinks. Normal force up to 5 lfb per pin
  • rohs

Plastic Injection Molding

Cooling Source provides the highest level of quality and service for your close-tolerance plastic injection molded components. We offer the latest state

Precision Forging

Our Precision Forging process involves aluminum or copper that is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure into high strength parts known as forging die. The

Precision Machining

Cooling Source utilizes the latest multi-axis CNC center, milling, lathe, EDM and grinding machine to provide you complex and high precision heatsinks

Skived Fin Heatsinks

The machining process for skived fin heatsinks uses cutting tools and a controlled slicing technique to manufacture heatsinks from a solid block

Standoff & terminal

Product Descriptions:

  • rohs


WHAT DOES A HEATSINK DO? A heatsink is a heat exchanger that transfers heat that is generated by an electronic or a


WHAT IS A HEATSINK? A warmth sink (likewise normally spelled heatsink) is a latent warmth “exchanger” that exchanges the warmth produced by

Wire Clips

Cooling Source offer clips for GPU’s, CPU’s and BGA’s applications

  • Easily re-workable
  • Easily removable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Normal force up to 7 lfb /clip
  • Low cost
  • rohs

Zipper Fin Heatsink

Zipper Fin Heatsinks are manufactured by the application of extreme pressure to a piece of aluminum or copper to produce fins of the desired height, thickness



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