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The raw material is carved out of a bigger heat dissipation area using high-precision cutting technology and other molding techniques, which boosts the heat exchange performance by 1.5–2 times compared to welded-type heat sinks, allowing electronic components to have a longer service life.

Cooling Source is a heat sink manufacturer that specializes in skived fin heat sinks. We use a precise skiving method to create aluminum and copper skived fin heat sinks. And, because to our over ten years of engineering and manufacturing experience, we’ve solved a slew of technical issues.

Our technology improves fin area while also integrating the accumulating heat and heat dissipation plates, allowing heat to be efficiently transported from the heat absorption bottom plate to the heat dissipation section.

Skived fin heat sinks, in comparison to standard heat sinks, can produce smaller fin gaps, the smallest being 0.20mm. The slimmer design prevents heat from accumulating inside heat sinks, making it more easier to remove heat, which improves the speed and life of electronic components.

The dimensional stability of aluminum skived fin heat sinks is excellent. The production of heat sinks begins as soon as the tooling is completed. Heat sinks can be left unfinished or anodized or powder coated. Skived Heatsink can conduct electricity and lower temperature off your heat load. Copper plating is not required for aluminum heat sink parts. Because the components are electrically conducting, electrical grounding is simple.


When you need a fin density that can’t be obtained using extrusion technology, a skived fin heat sink can be a good alternative to an extruded heat sink. Skived heat sinks are often made of copper or aluminum and have fins that are 0.5 (0.020″) thick. Skived heat sinks are made by a series of sharp knives that curl up a small thickness of metal as they pass over it, which is then twisted vertically to form the fin. Skived fins are made from a bar of material that is then cut to the length needed for the application. Normal fabrication procedures can be used to machine the final heat sink. Because the fins are so thin, they must be handled with care to avoid damage. Cooling Source manufacture aluminum skived fin heat sinks with great care and precision.



The following are the benefits of skived fin heat sinks:

Because it is an integral material with no connection joints, the skived fin heat sink has outstanding cooling properties.

The fin has a high density and is more efficient in transferring heat.

High aspect ratio 

The low cost and light weight.

Skived fin heatsinks have smaller size constraints than extrusion manufacturing process. Also, Cooling Source can mnfuacture broader parts for heat transfer in high-power equipment.

It does not necessitate the use of an expensive model tool, and the design is more adaptable.

To improve the connection to the heat source and complete the heat dissipation, thermal interface material can be added to the heatsink. Telecom, medical, consumer, industrial control, and servers all employ the skived fin heat sink. Shovel tooth technology grew in maturity and coverage as large-scale applications became more common.. Therefore, this manufacturing process offers reduced thermal resistance since there is no joint between the base and fin

Skived fin heat sinks are manufactured from blocks of aluminum or copper utilizing a specific skive machine and high-precision skived technology to cut out high-density heatsinks and fins. To generate high-density heatsinks, the ultra-long heatsinks structure overcomes typical heatsink thickness and length ratio constraints.

The skived fin heat sink’s thermal conductivity efficiency can reach 100% of the profile. As a result, many customers use skived fin heat sinks  in photovoltaics, electric vehicles, inverters, communication products, greenhouse led bulbs, and other applications.

The manufacturing procedure for skived fin heat sinks is as follows:

CSI manufacture per specifications skived heatsink made of aluminum or copper.

Fin space, fin height, and fin thickness are all variables to consider.

Starting the skived machine with a monitor by the engineer, who is checking that the sample is satisfactory, and adjusting the machine or data if necessary.

Cut the semi-finished heat sink cooling material to the design’s specifications.

Deburr, attack, and pressure the cut semi-finished items, among other things.

On the back of the cut heatsink, embedded hot pipe design, groove, pressing, and epoxy welding.

We carefully inspect each part.

Engineering Support

Briefly, as part of design work, our engineers apply advanced 3D modeling. Also, we are using cutting-edge CFD tools to optimize your heat transfer project. In addition, we provide our customers with a complete cooling solution to meet specific requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Also, you can count on our Mechanical Engineers to assist with design change and reduce manufacturing costs.

Our fully equipped lab is available to valid your designs, testing, and inspect.

The CSI team can help you meet tight schedule requirements while focusing on your business’s core competencies.

Also, we stand by, ready to support you from concept to production globally.

We ensure secure facilities, traceability, and document control.

Call or e-mail us today to see what your options are. We feel confident that you will love our products, competitiveness, engineering support, and customer service during the sale and afterward.

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