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Skived Fin, heat sinks are designed to maximize the surface area in contact with the coolant fluid. Aluminum and copper alloys are the most common heat sink material. This is because aluminum costs less than copper. However, copper is used where higher levels of thermal conductivity are needed.

Unlike bonded or brazed heat sinks, the machining process for skived fin heatsinks uses cutting tools and a controlled slicing technique to manufacture heatsinks from a solid block of aluminum or copper. Therefore, this manufacturing process offers reduced thermal resistance since there is no joint between the base and fins. The skiving process enables high fin density and thin fin heatsink geometries for optimal thermal performance. Also, this process can create Skived Fin, heatsinks with thinner blades than are possible with extruded heatsinks. However, due to this type of heatsink’s thin fins and high aspect ratio, greater care must be taken when handling them.


  • High aspect ratio
  • Thin fin
  • Low tooling cost
  • Easy and inexpensive to prototype
  • Ideal thermal connectivity with the heat sink base
  • Unidirectional flow
  • Single piece construction

Engineering Support

Briefly, as part of design work, our engineers apply advanced 3D modeling. Also, we are using cutting-edge CFD tools to optimize your heat transfer project. In addition, we provide our customers a complete cooling solution to meet specific skived fin heatsink requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Also, you can count on our Mechanical Engineers to assist with design change and reduce manufacturing costs.

Our fully equipped lab is available to valid your designs, testing, and inspect.

CSI team can help you meet tight schedule skived fin heatsink requirements while allowing you to focus on your business’s core competencies.

Also, we stand by, ready to support you from concept to production globally.

Finally, a simple call or e-mail will put you in touch with the skived fin,heatsink experts who have the answers you require.

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