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Company overview


Cooling Source is a vertically integrated company engaged in the design, development, and manufacturing of metal parts for a wide range of worldwide markets.  The Company is structured into four divisions of product lines offering and services based on the following: Thermal Solutions, CNC Machining, Designs, and Value-Added Assemblies.

CSI prides itself first and foremost as a company that excels in customer satisfaction. As a result, we are an excellent source for all your CNC machined parts, thermal management and assembly projects. Cooling Source’s leading-edge design using modern methodology, the ability for fast prototype and ramp to full production in an efficient manner makes us the reliable partner you are looking for.

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How do we achieve our broad-ranging customer satisfaction goals? Quite simply, we offer you the best quality for the best price available for heatsinks, CNC machining and assembly. We strive for excellence in our design and manufacturing processes. Hence, helping us deliver superior quality and value quickly. We offer a broad range of manufacturing processes, with high heat transfer fins type, along with precision manufacturing. We are ISO9001:2015 registered. In addition, our products are Rohs compliant. Also, we adhere fully to EICC conflict-free smelters programs to assure you of a quality and affordable product.

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Every Cooling Source employee is rigorously trained and then certified. Our stimulating working environment and generous employee benefits help us retain highly qualified staff. Therefore, allowing us to keep turnover low and production quality high.
Each of our customers has a unique and specific need. Therefore, we commit to you from the initial thermal analysis to the mechanical design. Subsequently, review through timely from rapid prototyping to production manufacturing. Our goal is to meet your company’s needs in a cost-effective and timely manner from start to finish. In addition, since we own our manufacturing plants, we maintain complete control of your product from its inception to its completion.

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Customer Service

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our after-market service. Our attention to all aspects of heatsink, CNC Machining manufacturing and assembly makes our products cost globally competitive. Also, we offer worldwide local support for any thermal management requirement, including post-production issues that you may have. CSI is an innovative and dynamic company that will work hard for your business today and tomorrow. Thank you for visiting our website. I can personally promise that we will provide you with high-quality, cost-effective electro mechanical products. Furthermore, we will work hard to meet your thermal needs in every way possible.

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CSI Core Competencies

We provide end-to-end support, thermal design manufacturing, quality, and services.

  • Design Flexibility
  • Cost Effective Manufacturing
  • Engineering Support
  • Quality Control 5. Supply Chain
  • Management 6. Global Support

Looking To The Future

I believe that the strength of our team, our values, our ability to grow alongside our customers, and our ease to adapt to ever-changing needs consistently are what make us a great partner for our customers. We are in a healthy position now and the future looks bright at Cooling Source. This is why I am proud to be on this team. Read more…

Michel Gelinas
President & CEO