To size your thermoelectric cooler Cooling Source developed an assembly heat sink/thermoelectric (Peltier device) system to solve your thermal issues.  


PN# CS549-101-N-OA

TEC Heatsink

Thermoelectric cooling (TEC) devices are solid-state devices.  They are energy converts and have advantages over conventional cooling devices, including compact in size, light in weight, high reliability, no mechanical moving parts, no working fluid, being powered by direct by direct current, and easily switching between cooling and heating modes.  Thermoelectric cooler permits lowering the temperature of an object below ambient as well as controlling temperature of objects.

Each thermoelectric application will have a specific heat sink thermal resistance requirement. heatsink


R(s-a) = Heat Sink Thermal Resistance in Degrees C per Watt
Ts = Heat Sink Temperature in Degrees C
Ta = Ambient Temperature in Degrees C
Q = Heat Input to Heat Sink in Watts

Cooling Source new heat sink invention will select and size the heat sink needed for your specific TEC. By testing the TEC in our heat sink assembly in forced or natural convection, we will provide the specific heat sink thermal resistance for your specific application to meet your thermal specification.  heatsink

Force convection CFD analysis

At Cooling Source we have several off the shelf standard heat sinks and liquid cold plates appropriate for many applications but please feel free to contact our engineering team to assist you with your specific thermal application.


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