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The difference between extruded and stamped heatsinks

Extruded heatsinks are in many cases created using aluminum. They are the preferred type of heatsinks, because of their adaptability to almost any thermal design need and cost efficiency. Production is basically done using a mechanical automated process. They can be high or low performers, depending on their design, base thickness and distance between fins.

Stamped heatsinks are made from a piece of metal literally being stamped out through the process of a press machine. A model is created out of a mold of a heatsink. Then metal is passed through a stamping machine. Then heatsinks are created by the stamp press. This, as well as the extruded heatsink production, becomes a highly automated process. Once the heatsink design and prototypes have been finalized and approved; then production process is relatively “simple”. Stamped heatsinks are less expensive than extruded heatsinks and are generally used for low power applications, since they are typically low in performance.